Présentation du Centre Focolari – Goma

The Focolare Centre ‘Père Quintard’ is located in the western part of the city of Goma in the MUGUNGA district, a very poor area, with a population made up of a large number of ex-refugees from the war. It started its activities in 2021

It contains a vocational training centre with the following branches: Sewing, Computer science, Pastry making, Agriculture and. breeding

Micro-entrepreneurship and financial education are part of all vocational training offered to the beneficiaries for better learning.

Once the seamstresses are trained, AECOM helps them to set up their workshops and they are put into a network that works with the production centre to produce large quantities of, for example, school uniforms. The first beneficiaries are the population of MUGUNGA/LAC VERT who are around the centre.

The team of the centre is composed of a coordinator, a manager, a director, an accountant, a teacher for computer science, a teacher for sewing, a master tailor for production, a teacher and supervisor for agriculture and breeding, a gardener and security guards.

Some testimonies from the beneficiaries

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