In November 2019, the Chiara Lubich Hospital was inaugurated and in October 2020 it was possible to open the hospital thanks to the arrival of Dr Eugenio, a focolarino surgeon.

The hospital has about 20 health workers, including 5 doctors. There are 45 beds and the average number of patients admitted daily is 15/20. For visits or medical examinations there are many more every day. The hospital offers a department of medicine and surgery for men and women, maternity, paediatrics and gynaecology.

Outpatient clinics with ultrasound, endoscopy, operating room with emergency room. It also has a laboratory, sterilisation, pharmacy and laundry services. There is also the service of online cardiology and neonatal consultations through doctors / specialists in Italy.

Présentation Centre Hospitalier Chiara Lubich

Contact :

Adresse: Av. Ruwe, 7842 Golf Lido – Lubumbashi – RDCongo

Phone: +243990692242 +243 996990748