MAY DAY – CHILDREN’S DAY! AECOM – Goma branch, together with 130 young people and adults from the Focolare Movement, […]
Opening of the first savings and credit cooperative born from saving groups On 1 April 2024 the savings and credit […]
AECOM INTERVENTION IN THE DISPLACED PERSONS CAMP IN GOMA Since February, war-displaced people have arrived to settle around the Focolare […]
Cooking training now available In May, cooking training began at the “Centre Focolari Père Quintard”. Over a 2-month period, 20 […]
ECOFORLEADERS on National Television ECOFORLEADERS in collaboration with CENCO produced a program on National Television RTNC: SPECIAL ARRIVAL OF POPE […]
The new Moyi Mwa Ntongo From the rubble of the disaster of August 28, 2018, Moyi Mwa Ntongo is recovering […]
Support for the displaced On 18 December, some members of the Focolare Movement went for the fourth time to support […]
The futur COOPEC – UNO has voted his gouvernement On 18/12/2022, 38 of 48 expected members of the future COOPEC […]
Creation of the Saving and Credit Cooperative UNO COOPEC – UNO On November 20, 2022, 40 founding members of the […]
Implementation of gardening and livestock training activities The FOCOLARI CENTRE PERE QUINTARD has just opened a new course: training in […]