The futur COOPEC – UNO has voted his gouvernement

On 18/12/2022, 38 of 48 expected members of the future COOPEC UNO, held an elective Extraordinary General Assembly following the previous Constituent General Assembly of 20/11/2022.

After debate and deliberation on the profiles of the candidates called to work in the spirit of the economy of communion, and unity, ideal of the Focolare Movement, commonplace of all the founders, potential candidates briefly presented their motivations and skills to the voters.

At the end of the free, democratic and transparent elections, the management of the future COOPEC UNO was entrusted to a team led by Mrs. ODETTE LUSUNGU WEMA, as President of the Board of Directors.

Mrs. LUSUNGU WEMA ODETTE, is a volunteer of God of the Focolare Movement, born on 17/04/1978. Graduated in Financial Management, option Accounting, she has 18 years of career in finance, audit, control with several other professional training of capacity building. President and founding member of several local development initiatives, she was elected president of the future COOPEC UNO with 21 votes out of 38 voters.

La Présidente avec le Conseil Administratif