Implementation of gardening and livestock training activities

The FOCOLARI CENTRE PERE QUINTARD has just opened a new course: training in gardening and raising chickens and rabbits. Since the beginning of November of the current year, more than one hundred people have registered as learners, all of them coming from the area surrounding the centre. The training is participatory and adapted to the level of the learners, followed by the practical part which consists of an agricultural part with school gardens for planting vegetables and at the same time the beneficiaries also learn how to raise chickens and rabbits. We involve the learners in the execution of certain activities to engage them in the end to take ownership of the project, every day there is a team that brings the food for the rabbits or that waters the nurseries. After the training in gardening and animal husbandry, the learners will have their seeds and broodstock (rabbits, hens) to put into practice the agricultural techniques learned at the centre in their family gardens and their family hutches. Soon the Mugunga district will have zero plots without home gardens thanks to AECOM’s activities.