Our goal

Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, understood that if God’s love penetrated all areas of life, a social revolution could take place. She identified 7 areas.

Thus, AECOM aims to promote the culture of communion at all levels, through various initiatives in the following areas of activity: economy, health, education, justice, culture and art, politics, housing and environment, communication

These areas are transversal. Thus, concrete initiatives that sometimes begin in a very modest way have become great works with a visiting impact on society.

On the basis of these areas, which are sometimes transversal, enormous realizations for the good of the Church and of humanity have been born. 

These realizations, each according to its vocation, are in various fields, notably education, health, social promotion, the economy, leadership and the promotion of women. At the centre of all our actions is the person who is made in the image of God without distinction of race, religion or other.